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Cash4DiabeticSupplies.com is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and offers free information as well as valuable resources for our customers. The Cash4DiabeticSupplies.com Program was established so that people could sell or donate their excess test strips/supplies which in turn could help diabetics who have a lower income, lost a job or perhaps do not have insurance, manage their diabetes. Recycling your unused, unexpired diabetic products can help you with extra cash, while helping others with the products they need.

We have been in business since 2005 in various health related fields and we strive to provide unsurpassed quality and service to our clients. We offer prompt payment for your diabetic supplies, offer Pre-Paid shipping supplies and issue payment within 1 BUSINESS DAY either by check or PayPal!

Any items not accepted by our Program for compensation, will be given to our SaveADiabeticPet Program. While over 24 million people are diagnosed with diabetes in the United States, there is also 1 dog and cat in every 400 that also has diabetes. The cost of test strips for humans is sometimes beyond the means of many families, but the cost of a pet having this disease is astronomical. These products can save a pet’s life!  We also support the JUVENILE DIABETES FOUNDATION!

Thank you for visiting Cash4DiabeticSupplies.com. We will continue to purchase your extra diabetic supplies in the future so please bookmark us and return to our site again. We value your diabetic supplies and time and we take our mission seriously.

We do our best to provide as much information about our products and services, but if any questions arise, please contact us as we welcome your questions and comments, and will respond in a timely manner.

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