Frequently Asked Questions

What brands do you purchase and how much do you pay per box?

To determine the brands and how much we pay, please use the free quote calculator on the home page. Scroll down to find the picture of your brand and test strip count, and enter the amount of boxes you have. Once you press ‘add’ the price per box and total will appear.


How do I know what kind of test strips I have?
All test strips boxes have the name of the strip, a manufacturer name, the number of strips contained in the box and an expiration date on each box.  The expiration date may be on the top, bottom, side or back of your box depending upon the brand. Match your box to the pictures shown on the calculator to be sure you are selecting the correct brand and number of strips per box. This ensures we are providing you an accurate quote.


What if my test strips are not listed?
We normally only purchase the brands listed on our site. If you have a brand not listed, please send us a message or give us a call for a quote and shipping instructions.  Be sure to include the expiration dates of the boxes you have.  Contact us at:  CS@Cash4DiabeticSupplies.com or call Toll Free 1-888-973-3729. 


Can I submit more than one type of test strips?
There is no limit to the number or brand of test strips you can submit to sell as long as we accept the brands.


How many boxes can I submit?
There is no limit to the number the number of boxes you can submit as long as we accept the brand.  There is a minimum required though.  We require a minimum of (2) 100 CT boxes or (4) 50 CT boxes unless we indicate a different minimum for the brand you wish to submit.


Do you buy Test Meters and Lancets?
We do not purchase test meters. We do purchase lancets but only the brands listed in our quote calculator and only in conjunction with accepted test strips. PLEASE DO NOT SEND LANCETS BY THEMSELVES. Locate your brand and then enter the number of boxes you have and press add.  The price per box and total will appear. Please note: we do not accept any private label lancets. PLEASE do not ship any other lancet other than what is listed in our quote calculator.


My test strips have personal information on them, should I remove them?

If there are labels or stickers on the boxes, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THEM. We have special techniques that can remove them without harming your boxes which allows us to pay close to or the full price quoted. If you are concerned about your personal information you can use a FELT TIP marker such as a Sharpie (do not use ball point pen) to cross out your name and the Rx number. Any labels we remove are destroyed to protect your privacy. If you choose to remove the labels yourself and the boxes are damaged the price per box will be reduced.


Is it legal to sell my Diabetic Test Strips? 

Diabetic Test Strips & Lancets are an over-the-counter medical supply meaning anyone can walk into a pharmacy without a prescription and buy them.  Therefore it is completely legal to sell to a third party without a prescription.


What are the expiration date guidelines?

Cash4DiabeticSupplies pays full price for strips expiring 6 months or later.  Boxes expiring within 3-6 months will receive 25% of the stated price for that brand.  We do not purchase strips that expire within 2 months or less or expired strips. 


What do you do with the Diabetic Test Strips?

Unfortunately, there are many people who can’t afford the high retail cost of diabetic test strips either because they are uninsured or under insured. It is our goal to supply very affordable diabetic supplies to these people with your help. When you submit your excess supplies you are meeting an overwhelming need while earning some extra cash that we all could use in today’s economy.This creates a win-win scenario and we say “Thank you”!

Price Match

We price match select items only. Please call customer service to verify the current eligible products.

When is the payment sent?
Payments are issued as soon as we receive and check in your boxes, usually same day but we state within 1 business day from the date your package was received and inspected (subject to the Terms and Conditions). You will receive a confirmation e-mail if you have elected PayPal as your payment type.  Adjustments will be made for test strips that are less then 7 months expiration or damaged.  If you don’t get your payment within 10 days of us receiving your strips, please send us an email or call us right away.  Contact us at:  CS@Cash4DiabeticSupplies.com or call Toll Free 1-888-973-3729. 


Any other questions? Feel free to call or email us with further questions.
1.888.973.3729 or CS@Cash4DiabeticSupplies.com